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Regarding how to get dates with women using online dating. Over the last year or so, I have pulled all online dating data, information and ques from these sources: 1. All of the past online dating articles from this blog and its archives. All of my past online dating posts from various forums over the years, including Next ASF and m ASF. My online dating notes from the past nine years, much of which I have never published or revealed. A massive archive of emails I’ve received from men all over the world over the past nine years, describing their field-tested online dating ques that have worked for them, much of which I have never revealed to the public.

I have culled through all of this information, thrown out what doesn’t work, thrown out stuff that’s now outdated, and organized all the good stuff into the single most comprehensive manual on online dating success for men I have ever seen.

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Let me repeat that, because I mean it: This is the most comprehensive book on online dating ques for men that I have ever seen, anywhere.

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It’s almost 250 pages of normal-sized (small) font, filled with the most current, field tested online dating ques that have worked for me and thousands of other men all over the world, completely updated for 2016. This is probably the last book on online dating I will ever write, so I wanted it to be worthy of something that will last a very long time.

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